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Essure Fails To Live Up To Its Promises | 12/29/2017

Essure side effects have caused pain and suffering in thousands of women who once were told the device was safe...READ MORE

Bayer Essure Warning May Have Come Too Late | 12/27/2017

Thousands of women are suing Bayer Pharmaceuticals claiming that the new warnings on their Essure birth control coil are for them, too little, too late...READ MORE

Essure Women Write About Their Experiences | 12/20/2017

Notorious consumer safety advocate Erin Brokovich addresses the problems with the Essure birth control device...READ MORE

Essures Features and Drawbacks | 12/18/2017

A careful analysis of the features and drawbacks of the Essure birth control device reveal the dangers of the product...READ MORE

Consumer Reports Analysis of the Essure Birth Control Device | 12/15/2017

Essure reports and complaints have drawn the attention of America's leading consumer watchdog group...READ MORE

Bayer Defends Essure Safety Record | 12/11/2017

Although thousands of women report adverse events from using Essure Bayer claims that the warnings are adequate and that the product is safe...READ MORE

Essure Complaint Forums | 12/6/2017

Women suffering from the side effects of Essure are publishing their experiences...READ MORE

Leading Birth Control Options | 12/1/2017

Women have several birth control options to choose from including Essure...READ MORE

Women Organize To Alert Others of the Dangers of Essure Birth Control | 11/28/2017

Women who have suffered the unexpected adverse side effects of the Essure birth control device are taking measures to warn others...READ MORE

The FDA May Have Underestimated Essure-related Fetal Death Numbers | 11/22/2017

An FDA whistleblower has uncovered more deaths caused by Essure using advanced data search measures...READ MORE

Women Are Experiencing Essure Problems In Record Numbers | 11/15/2017

Women suffering from the side effects of the Essure birth control device have a Facebook Group to share their experience...READ MORE

Women Complain About Essures Adverse Side Effects | 11/7/2017

Social media outlet Facebook provides a forum for women suffering from the side effects of Bayers Essure birth control device...READ MORE

The Essure Birth Control Device May Have Unwanted Side Effects | 11/1/2017

Essure birth control devices can cause a number of serious health complication leaving women permanently unable to have children...READ MORE

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No-Cost, No-Obligation Essure Lawsuit Case Review If You or a Loved One Suffered from Essure Problems

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