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Women from England Report Essure Disasters

Essure women may benefit from having the device removed before the inevitable symptoms occur

Thursday, August 15, 2019 - England's BBC has weighed in and is reporting the complaints that Brits are registering over the Essure birth control device. In a video one Essure woman says that the device made her feel like she was being stabbed repeatedly producing an unending hot, burning pain. Another woman said that she felt like she was dying, that something was "horribly, horribly wrong with me," and that something on the inside was slowly killing her. Another woman expressed her fears that something so small "can cause so much damage and that if it (Essure) was a person I'd hate it." Essure birth control attorneys representing women nationally and have vast experience as medical litigators for harmful products and medicines that have suffered from bad side-effects and offer a free no obligation consultation.

Essure women in the UK tell the BBC that the device's benefits and risks were misrepresented by their gynecologists as a simple procedure that would require no more than 20 minutes to complete, that is was "the answer to all your prayers", that there would be no recovery time at all, and that there were far fewer risks than traditional surgical birth control surgery. Essure being "Quick and safe allowing a rapid return to work" was also included in the Essure sales literature. Women tell the BBC that they are not being properly advised of Essure's risks and what we have known all along, that many times Essure removal requires a total hysterectomy.

Essure victim Emily Quinton told the BBC that she bled so much that "it felt like blood was being pumped out of me." Doctors performed a hysterectomy after only 6 weeks of receiving Essure, removing Emily's womb and Fallopian tubes in an attempt to stop her bleeding, unfortunately finding only one Essure coil. Two Essure devices are implanted, one in each Fallopian tube where polyethylene fibers (PET) are designed to cause inflammation causing scar tissue to encase the device blocking fertilization after three-months. The other Essure coil had migrated and perforated her bowels and could not be removed. To this day, Emily experiences pain and bleeding when using the toilet. "Living in constant pain is wearing." Emily told the BBC, and that she finds it difficult to be intimate with her husband because she cannot take the pain. Emily says that her Essure pain stops her from being the type of mom to her three young children that she wants to be.

In the United States, over 42,000 women have been accepted into the restricted Facebook group Essure Problems and have expressed problems similar to Emily's. Only women suffering from Essure's symptoms are allowed membership to the group. That number could be tens of times greater because most women that return to their Essure doctor complaining of pain are told that they must be crazy and are turned away since the admission of Essure's failure would be admitting medical malpractice. Women are urged to join Essure Problems on Facebook, report their experiences, and be referred to experienced, licensed, Essure removal doctors near them. Essure women may wish to have their Essure device removed pre-emptively before the device has a chance to migrate and require major surgery to locate and remove.

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