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The Medical Devices Safety Act Seeks To Make It Easier To Sue Bayer And Other Medical Device Manufacturers | 9/3/2019

Current laws protect medical device manufacturers to the detriment of patients who are being used as human test animals...READ MORE

Essure 2.0 Could Be Coming Soon If It Is Not Already Here | 8/28/2019

Bayer may be waiting for the furor against Essure to blow over before putting the device back on the market, perhaps in the form of a new and improved product...READ MORE

Suffering Essure Women Are The FDA's Long-Term Study | 8/23/2019

No pre-market long-term studies of Essure's safety were ever conducted as the device was rushed to market...READ MORE

Women from England Report Essure Disasters | 8/15/2019

Essure women may benefit from having the device removed before the inevitable symptoms occur...READ MORE

Essure Doctors Mislead Women To Believe The Procedure Is Non Surgical | 8/9/2019

When Essure pain forces a woman to have it removed, the procedure requires major surgery under general anesthesia usually performed in a town hundreds of miles away...READ MORE

Essure Crazy Tweets Are Too Common To Be Coincidental | 8/6/2019

The actual number of Essure failures could be many times more than the reported 27,000 Essure complaints reported to the FDA...READ MORE

The Medical Devices Guardians Acts Will Force Doctors to Report Essure Patient Complaints | 7/26/2019

It is time for Essure doctors to stop lying to patients and report patient complaints immediately and thoroughly to the FDA...READ MORE

Use Caution When Preemptively Removing Essure | 7/18/2019

In order to have the best odds of a successful Essure removal, one might opt for preemptive surgery before experiencing pain...READ MORE

Essure Causes Ectopic Pregnancies | 7/15/2019

If Essure is only partially effective it is completely useless...READ MORE

Essure Women May Elect Preventative Surgery To Remove It Before Extensive Organ Damage Occurs | 7/9/2019

Women are being told by their gynecologist that Essure could not possibly be the cause of their pain and suffering and that they must be crazy to even think so...READ MORE

Essure Removal Doctors Finds The Device Calcifies Causing Excruciating Pain and Potential Organ Perforation | 7/3/2019

Essure removal is a new surgical procedure with shocking results...READ MORE

The FDA May Have Ignored Thousands Of Essure Complaints | 6/27/2019

Essure doctors failed to disclose Essure's shortcomings and never reported patient complaints to the FDA...READ MORE

Immense Discrepancy Found In The Number of Essure Complaints Versus Those Reported by the FDA | 6/21/2019

Bayer and the FDA have made it as difficult as possible for consumers to ascertain the actual number of Essure complaints...READ MORE

Updated Information and Support Groups For Essure Victims | 6/12/2019

Women have formed support groups on social media to help deal with the medical situation Essure has put them in...READ MORE

Update on The Medical Devices Safety Act | 6/6/2019

When approved, The Act will improve medical device safety as well as give those injured a means of attaining fair monetary compensation...READ MORE

Essure Women Around the World Document Their Horrible Experiences On YouTube | 5/31/2019

In addition to the Facebook group Essure Problems, Youtube videos are being made and shared by women that have experienced the catastrophic side effects of the ill-conceived birth control device...READ MORE

The FDA And MAUDE Reporting System Are Under Fire For Under Reporting Adverse Events | 5/27/2019

Experts and FDA insiders believe that the agency may have colluded with medical device manufacturers to publically underreport the number of adverse events in which the public has access...READ MORE

Women Met In Washington DC With Representative in Congress To Lobby For The Medical Devices Safety Act | 5/21/2019

Interested parties are urged to phone or email their representative to show support for the bill...READ MORE

The Medical Devices Safety Act Could Open a Flood of Litigation Against Bayer | 5/17/2019

Essure victims are currently prevented from receiving punitive damages when their medical device fails them but that could all change next week...READ MORE

Essure's Primary Problem Is That The Device Does Not Stay Put Within The Fallopian Tubes Where It is Intended | 5/7/2019

Essure often migrates into the uterus where it may require a complete hysterectomy to safely remove it...READ MORE

Bayer May Have Double Crossed Essure Women | 5/1/2019

Consumer health advocates are growing more and more concerned that Bayer may have pulled a fast one and are really selling more Essure birth control devices than ever...READ MORE

Women May Seek To Have Essure Removed Before Complications Start | 4/30/2019

Once a woman has been made aware of the potentially life-altering side effects they are opting to have Essure removed immediately...READ MORE

Doctors, Planned Parenthood, and Bayer Inc. Themselves Continue To Recommend Essure | 4/25/2019

Bayer's decision to stop marketing Essure birth control device as of the end of 2018 is starting to look like more of a marketing ploy than a legitimate attempt at concern for patient safety...READ MORE

The Medical Device Safety Act Seeks To Hold Medical Device Makers Accountable | 4/22/2019

If a manufacturer is faced with billions of dollars of potential lawsuits they will certainly think twice before rushing a product to market...READ MORE

Commission-driven Essure Sales Representatives May Be To Blame For Bribing Doctors to Recommend Essure | 4/8/2019

A doctor's letter to his peers and CNN investigative reporting may have uncovered the reasons behind Essure's unearned popularity...READ MORE

Essure Removal Can Create a Never-Ending Nightmare | 4/4/2019

Anything short of having a radical hysterectomy in attempting Essure removal could make matters worse...READ MORE

Gynecologists Push Essure Over Proven Conventional Birth Control Procedures | 4/1/2019

A 22-year old woman was implanted with Essure birth control device against her will and for the next 12 years thought that she had had a tubal ligation...READ MORE

The FDA Failed To Adequately Test Essure Before Allowing It To Come to Market | 3/22/2019

The FDA has a lot of explaining to do about its cavalier approach to approving dangerous medical devices...READ MORE

Nickel Hypersensitivity Could Leave Essure Women With An Itchy Rash Covering Their Entire Body | 3/18/2019

The Essure birth control device is intended as permanent birth control and as such the device will remain inside a woman's reproductive organs for as long as she lives and so will Essure's complications...READ MORE

Essure Lawsuits Are Increasing Now That Bayer Cannot Hide Behind The FDA Any Longer | 3/15/2019

When a California judge overturned the federal preemption law the floodgates opened to sue Bayer for their Essure negligence...READ MORE

Look To Bayer's Annual Report For Accurate Lawsuit Data | 3/13/2019

Publicly-traded companies like Bayer Inc. are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission to publish accurate, unambiguous data on the company's financial position...READ MORE

Planned Parenthood Continues To Advise To Use The Essure Birth Control Device | 3/9/2019

No mention is made of the warnings that the FDA has required Bayer and others place on their websites telling women that Essure can have serious, life-threatening side effects...READ MORE

Essure Sales Continue Unabated in 2019 | 3/6/2019

In spite of discontinuing sales directly to the medical community, Essure continues to be sold by online vendors...READ MORE

Unwanted Pregnancy Is An Ongoing Problem For Essure Women | 3/1/2019

Essure may be off of the market but millions of women will continue to suffer from its defects...READ MORE

Essure Was Preceded By The Safer and Less Expensive Mirena IUD | 2/26/2019

Bayer's Mirena IUD is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and has adverse side effects that are a walk in the park compared to Essure...READ MORE

Doctors May Be Covering Up Essure's Failure | 2/19/2019

Essure doctors around the world continue to deny Essure causes complications...READ MORE

Essure Doctors Act More Like Bayer Commissioned Salespersons When Selling Essure to Their Patients | 2/13/2019

Women seeking medical advice instead been given Essure sales presentations by their gynecologist...READ MORE

The E-Sisterhood ASHES Seeks to Improve the FDA's Medical Device Approval Process | 2/8/2019

In addition, the group is focused on helping the tens of thousands of women currently suffering from Essure birth control malpractice and negligence...READ MORE

Essure Doctors Ignore The Product Discontinuation Order And Are Still Recommending The Birth Control Device | 2/6/2019

Essure doctors put profits ahead of patient safety when they are loyal to Bayer and the failed Essure birth control device...READ MORE

Metal Hypersensitivity Can Cause Unbearable Essure Side Effects | 1/30/2019

Many women are allergic to the metals that make up Essure and were not made aware that this could be a problem when receiving the Essure birth control implant...READ MORE

Were Essure Doctors Instructed by Bayer to Lie to Patients | 1/28/2019

Essure doctors around the world have only one explanation when diagnosing Essure pain and that is that the patient must be crazy...READ MORE

Women Experiencing a Condition Known as Sterilization Regret May Want Essure Reversed | 1/23/2019

Tens of thousands of women, roughly 20% of Essure patients, experience "sterilization regret" and want to have Essure reversed in order to be able to become pregnant again...READ MORE

Essure Women May Have Been Lied To By Their Essure Gynecologists | 1/18/2019

If women were made aware of the actual facts of Essure side-effects before they accepted the device, very few would have agreed...READ MORE

Essure Problems Facebook Administrators Take Issue With FDA Handling of Essure Crisis | 1/14/2019

How can Bayer not understand that Bayer sales are down because the device destroys women's health?...READ MORE

Bayer Says Essure is Safe and Taking it Off The Market is Purely Business Decision | 1/9/2019

It is 2019 and Essure is no longer being sold by Bayer...READ MORE

Essure Symptoms Are Real And Having The Device Removed Will Relieve Them | 1/4/2019

Being misdiagnosed by Essure doctors can lead to never-ending pain and suffering...READ MORE

Women Should Formally Register and Tell Their Essure Birth Control Horror Stories | 12/31/2018

Women suffering from abnormal symptoms have been told by their gynecologists that Essure was harmless and could not cause their unusual medical symptoms...READ MORE

Essure Problems Will Continue For Decades to Come | 12/22/2018

Essure has been touted as permanent birth control but so is Bayer's liability...READ MORE

The big Essure question is to ask is if the device will eventually fail most of the millions of women who are using it. | 12/19/2018

Essure woman should know in advance where to find a competent Essure removal doctor...READ MORE

FDA Foot-dragging Protected Bayer While Putting Women's Health at Risk | 12/14/2018

Essure medical complaints to the FDA didn't make it to the public's attention for over 15 years...READ MORE

Doctors That Fail to Recognize Essure Complications Commit Medical Malpractice | 12/4/2018

Essure doctors need to be held accountable for their negligence in covering up what they undoubtedly know about Essure's life-altering side effects...READ MORE

Essure Removal Proceedures Usually Require Surgery | 11/29/2018

In spite of doctor's claims that Essure requires no surgery, millions of women wishing to have the device removed may find otherwise...READ MORE

Bayer Issues New Essure Problems Denial | 11/23/2018

Women have been lied to, both overtly and by omission, by Bayer and Gynecologists recommending the Essure birth control device...READ MORE

Essure Removal Is Major Surgery, Not The Walk In The Park That Implanting The Device Was | 11/19/2018

If there are complications, removing Essure is could require a complete hysterectomy and cost $10000 -$20000 and not be covered by health insurance...READ MORE

FDA Whistleblower Madris Tomes Was One of the First to Suspect Essure Problems | 11/9/2018

One of the most important persons involved in exposing the dangers that the Essure birth control device poses is former FDA analyst Madris Tomes...READ MORE

Essure Migration Can Destroy a Woman's Uterus | 11/7/2018

Women who are using the Essure birth control device should know that excruciating pain is never normal and may be a signal that the device has broken free of the Fallopian tube and is now piercing their uterus...READ MORE

Comparing The Essure Birth Control Device With Tubal Ligation | 11/2/2018

Gynecologists in the United States continue to herald the wonders of the Essure birth control device over other methods of birth control such as tubal ligation...READ MORE

Doctors Should Be Held Accountable For Covering Up Essure Symptoms | 10/30/2018

Women who complain that Essure is causing them to suffer are uniformly told by their gynecologist that the pain is "all in their head...READ MORE

New Congressional Legislation Seeks to Stem The Flood of Unsafe Medical Devices Making it to Market | 10/26/2018

The Medical Device Safety Act could have a profound change upon the way medical device manufacturers do business and the legal liability they are exposed to...READ MORE

Communicating With Other Essure Women is the Key to Finding the Essure Removal Doctor That is Right For You | 10/24/2018

Finding an Essure Removal or Reversal doctor is difficult...READ MORE

Essure Doctors Participate In Bayer's Unethical Marketing Campaign | 10/16/2018

While the majority of doctors are honest and ethical, there is a monetary incentive for doctors to promote medical devices that could do a women harm...READ MORE

The FDA Takes Credit For Stopping Essure Sales | 10/10/2018

Essures sales fell by 70% prompting the halt of sales after the FDA took its final action to date to warn consumers...READ MORE

Blowing The Whistle On The Essure Birth Control Device | 10/2/2018

Bayer employees with insider information on the company's unethical marketing scheme are urged to report what they know to Federal authorities...READ MORE

Essure Doctors May Not Be Objective When Dealing With Essure Problems | 9/28/2018

Essure doctors, many of whom are on the Bayer Pharmaceuticals payroll, are enthusiastic cheerleaders for the device and hesitant to blame Essure for causing a woman's adverse symptoms...READ MORE

Bayer's Essure Defense Press Release | 9/27/2018

Bayer insists that Essure is less risky than other forms of birth control...READ MORE

Essure Doctors Could Be On Bayer's Payroll Around the Globe | 9/25/2018

Gynecologists are taking fees, some in excess of $100,000, for promoting Essure and for failing to take their patient's health complaints seriously. They may be as much to blame for Essure's failure as Bayer...READ MORE

Essure Groups Document The Device's Failure | 9/22/2018

When the government fails to do its job and alert the public that a popular medical device poses life-threatening dangers, market forces usually step in to do the job...READ MORE

Essure Problems May Be Just Beginning | 9/20/2018

Essure women are slowly awakening to the fact that their medical issues are being caused by the Essure birth control device and want it removed from their bodies...READ MORE

Essure Is Certain to Fail At One Point Or Another | 9/18/2018

Removing Essure from the market will not alleviate an Essure woman's pain and suffering...READ MORE

Essure Complications Trigger A Worldwide Health Crisis | 9/13/2018

Essure women around the world are suffering from similar life-threatening side effects...READ MORE

Essure's Life-Ruining Side Effects | 8/31/2018

Essure problems can cascade and affect all aspects of a woman's life...READ MORE

Essure Complication Could Be Permanent | 8/30/2018

Essure remains implanted in thousands of women and for them, the nightmare could just be starting...READ MORE

Essure's Problems Are Global In Scale | 8/27/2018

Women in the United States have company around the world when it comes to suffering from the Essure birth control device...READ MORE

Is Your Gynocologist Merely An Essure Salesperson? | 8/23/2018

For over a decade Essure doctors may have been bribed by Bayer and are unwilling to recognize Essure's adverse side effects...READ MORE

An Avalanche of Product Liability Lawsuits Could Put Bayer Out of Business | 8/20/2018

Tens of thousands of Essure and Roundup herbicide lawsuits could put Bayer Inc. in the red for years to come...READ MORE

Essure Woman Used as Human Guinea Pigs | 8/10/2018

The FDA requires very little in the way of pre-market testing for Essure and other medical devices...READ MORE

Women Seeking Essure's Removal From Their Bodies May Never Know if The Procedure Was a Success | 8/8/2018

Essure can break apart into small pieces that are impossible to find and safely remove...READ MORE

Netflix Documentary Slams The Essure Birth Control Device | 8/6/2018

The Netflix Documentary “The Bleeding Edge" showcases Essure's adverse side effects and is "must-see-tv" for every Essure patient ...READ MORE

Bayer Stands Behind Essure | 8/2/2018

In spite of public outcry that has seen Essure sales plummet, Bayer continues to sell the product to unsuspecting women as if nothing is wrong...READ MORE

Bayer Continues to Deny Adverse Side Effects of Essure Birth Control | 7/30/2018

Although tens of thousands of women have d documented their adverse experiences with Essure on Social Media, Bayer continues to stand behind Essure's safety and efficacy...READ MORE

Essure Removal Complications Will Last Decades | 7/26/2018

Essure is being taken off of the market leaving hundreds of thousands of women with a ticking time bomb inside of them...READ MORE

Bayer Announces Essure Will Be Taken Off The US Market | 7/24/2018

Citing a decline in sales Bayer has decided to pull Essure from the US market...READ MORE

Essure to be Removed From the Market in The United States | 7/22/2018

Essure birth control device will be removed from the market, completing a global withdrawal effective by the end of the year...READ MORE

Essure Causes Fetal Deaths | 7/19/2018

Bayer tried to downplay the number of fetal deaths caused by the Essure Birth Control Device by limiting the scope of its adverse event searches...READ MORE

Essure Birth Control Removal Complications | 7/17/2018

Essure removal is proving to be a lot more difficult to take out than it was to put in...READ MORE

Choosing The Essure Birth Control Device Was Flawed Logic for Many | 7/12/2018

Unless an Essure patient accepts the fact that this foreign object will be in their bodies permanently, the eventual removal of Essure will require a hysterectomy and cause sterility...READ MORE

Making Informed Essure Birth Control Decisions | 7/9/2018

Essure women now have more pertinent, accurate information about Essure's side effects with which to make informed birth control decisions...READ MORE

Stricter FDA Restriction Being Ignored by Physicians | 7/2/2018

Essure doctors are failing to comply with the FDA order and implanting unsuspecting women with the defective Essure birth control device...READ MORE

Essure Removal Presents Challanges and Difficulties | 6/28/2018

Some doctors are choosing to specialize in Essure Birth Control Device removal to fill the need of those suffering from the device...READ MORE

Essure Warnings Spreading Throughout the World | 6/25/2018

More and more countries are limiting, restricting, or outright banning the sale of Essure...READ MORE

Essure Market Removal Remains Elusive | 6/21/2018

Essure remains on the market in the US but the word is getting out to be cautious of the controversial birth control device...READ MORE

Essure Causes Hundreds of Adverse Side Effects | 6/18/2018

A comprehensive list of side effects from Essure Birth Control...READ MORE

Some Doctors May Be Ignoring The FDA Essure Warning Requirement | 6/13/2018

Women currently being implanted with the hazardous Essure Birth Control Device are reporting on social media that they never heard of the warning...READ MORE

The Essure Birth Control Device Can Cause Permanent Sterility | 6/8/2018

Early product descriptions of the Essure Birth Control Device stressed how convenient it would be to simply have it removed when the time came you wanted to have children, but not so...READ MORE

Family Planning Options Including Essure | 6/4/2018

Women have several basic family planning options to choose from and each carries a unique set of risks...READ MORE

There Is More To Essure Than Convenience | 5/28/2018

Bayer doctors market the Essure Birth Control Device to women with a glossy brochure however for thousands of women the adverse side effects are no vacation...READ MORE

Essure Removal Complications | 5/23/2018

Should a woman ever need to have Essure removed, which occurs in an unacceptably high number of cases, a host of new complications await...READ MORE

Women Elaborate Their Essure Problems | 5/21/2018

Essure warning does not go nearly far enough in warning women of the consequences Essure can have to their health...READ MORE

Essure Victims Lobby the FDA to Take Essure Off The Market | 5/16/2018

The FDA has responded to Essure womens concerns by producing a questionnaire that, along with their doctors, they must review and sign...READ MORE

Essure Side Effects and Removal of the Device | 5/11/2018

Essure has a never-ending list of adverse side effects that leave women wondering what to do to get the device removed from their bodies...READ MORE

Social Media Trumps the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System | 5/8/2018

The FDA records the adverse events patients experiences from faulty medical devices but does little to rectify the problems...READ MORE

Changes to the Essure Product Description | 5/4/2018

Essure birth control devices description has gone from being a temporary form of birth control to a method of permanent sterilization on par with tubal ligation or hysterectomy...READ MORE

Permanent Birth Control Options For Women | 5/1/2018

Hysterectomy, tubal ligation, and Essure Systems remain the most common methods of permanent birth control used by women...READ MORE

Family Planning Professionals Recommend Essure | 4/25/2018

In spite of the tens of thousands of adverse event reports claiming serious injuries from Essure, family planning professionals continue to recommend the device over other forms of birth control...READ MORE

The FDA Requires a New and Improved Warning For The Essure Birth Control Contraceptive Device | 4/17/2018

Potential Essure patients are now forced to sign a form stating that they have been informed of the risks of Essure...READ MORE

Essure's Fetal Deaths May Be Greatly Understated | 4/13/2018

A complete search of the FDA adverse events database has revealed many more fetal deaths have been caused by the Essure birth control device than first reported...READ MORE

Essure Problems Posted on Facebook Group | 4/9/2018

The Essure Facebook Group allows women who are suffering from the Essure birth control device to share their experiences and to alert their Facebook friends as well...READ MORE

Bayer's Warning To Women About The Essure Device | 4/2/2018

Bayer's warning to consumers regarding the Essure birth control device stresses that the device, like a hysterectomy, is permanent...READ MORE

Essure Fails To Live Up To Its Promises | 12/29/2017

Essure side effects have caused pain and suffering in thousands of women who once were told the device was safe...READ MORE

Bayer Essure Warning May Have Come Too Late | 12/27/2017

Thousands of women are suing Bayer Pharmaceuticals claiming that the new warnings on their Essure birth control coil are for them, too little, too late...READ MORE

Essure Women Write About Their Experiences | 12/20/2017

Notorious consumer safety advocate Erin Brokovich addresses the problems with the Essure birth control device...READ MORE

Essures Features and Drawbacks | 12/18/2017

A careful analysis of the features and drawbacks of the Essure birth control device reveal the dangers of the product...READ MORE

Consumer Reports Analysis of the Essure Birth Control Device | 12/15/2017

Essure reports and complaints have drawn the attention of America's leading consumer watchdog group...READ MORE

Bayer Defends Essure Safety Record | 12/11/2017

Although thousands of women report adverse events from using Essure Bayer claims that the warnings are adequate and that the product is safe...READ MORE

Essure Complaint Forums | 12/6/2017

Women suffering from the side effects of Essure are publishing their experiences...READ MORE

Leading Birth Control Options | 12/1/2017

Women have several birth control options to choose from including Essure...READ MORE

Women Organize To Alert Others of the Dangers of Essure Birth Control | 11/28/2017

Women who have suffered the unexpected adverse side effects of the Essure birth control device are taking measures to warn others...READ MORE

The FDA May Have Underestimated Essure-related Fetal Death Numbers | 11/22/2017

An FDA whistleblower has uncovered more deaths caused by Essure using advanced data search measures...READ MORE

Women Are Experiencing Essure Problems In Record Numbers | 11/15/2017

Women suffering from the side effects of the Essure birth control device have a Facebook Group to share their experience...READ MORE

Women Complain About Essures Adverse Side Effects | 11/7/2017

Social media outlet Facebook provides a forum for women suffering from the side effects of Bayers Essure birth control device...READ MORE

The Essure Birth Control Device May Have Unwanted Side Effects | 11/1/2017

Essure birth control devices can cause a number of serious health complication leaving women permanently unable to have children...READ MORE

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